Transmission House, Tib Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M1 1SG

O'Connor Bowden have been working on this development at every stage since its conception; influencing design and ensuring that the apartments are suitable for exacting demands and high standards of the City Centre rental market.

Particular attention has been given to the end user by designing an apartment layout that meets the needs and demand of tenants sharing accommodation, which is by far the largest tenancy profile in the City Centre.

Beyond the role as sales management consultant, O’Connor Bowden is committed to providing an ongoing long-term asset management service to all investors purchasing at Transmission House. Through our professional lettings and tenant management services, buyers can be assured and confident that O’Connor Bowden can let and manage their investment and provide ongoing management support throughout ownership.

Apartment Design Concept

O'Connor Bowden have worked with Factory Estates on a number of projects over the past years, including the nearby Oxid House development. The Team are proud to have produced yet another superbly designed apartment scheme which suits the demands of the City Centre market.

Given the shift in the Uk market place for rental properties, IDP architects have been working on designing living spaces that are suitable for exacting demands of the modern City Centre rental market.

Many of the apartments currently constructed in City Centres across the Uk comes from a previous understanding of what purchasers wanted when buying an apartment to live. This included having a "master bedroom" and smaller secondary bedroom, which is completely at odds with the modern rental market demands.

A long standing frustration with many City Centre residents is the lack of equally sized internal accommodation especially for tenants sharing; the mainstay of the private rental market. The two bedroom apartment designs at Transmission House provide the solution.

The two bedroom apartments are designed for sharers. Each have equal sized double bedrooms, each with their own en-suite bathroom, a perfect design solution for tenants sharing accommodation. No longer will tenants have to compromise or squabble over a large master bedroom and small en-suite versus a small second bedroom and a large disconnected bathroom. Furthermore, the design is combined with the careful selection of contemporary fixtures and fittings that are both appealing to tenants and hard-wearing to ensure low maintenance costs over the long term.